Recycling @en

Imbucati – Alan Bianchi (aka) BeeAnKee

“Into the Holes”, 2770 years old and Rome won on everything but not its holes; its enemy of last generation. Small and bigger holes, pipes of open air constructions sites, come out from layers of tarmac; it seems not to be an end to this…

“It was a tree” – Alan Bianchi

“I see everywhere in the nature, in the trees for example, expressive ability, and , as it were, a soul.” ( Vincent Van Gogh) From the love for nature, and for what in nature is possible to be recovered and recycled, a new work of…

“BRAIN JAM (or), this is what happens when I think too much” – BeeAnKee

Many tiny iron wire fragments kept in a jar like too many thoughts gathering; secret joints that live together in the glass trasparency. In the centre there is the origin of ideas, the hidden light looking for an escape hatch through that complicated muddle.