Assemblage @en

Imbucati – Alan Bianchi (aka) BeeAnKee

“Into the Holes”, 2770 years old and Rome won on everything but not its holes; its enemy of last generation. Small and bigger holes, pipes of open air constructions sites, come out from layers of tarmac; it seems not to be an end to this…

“Heart Chronicles” – BeeAnKee

“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.”(Lev Tolstoj) It’s not the same excuse to talk about love, this heart has got a mission that looks far….

“It was a tree” – Alan Bianchi

“I see everywhere in the nature, in the trees for example, expressive ability, and , as it were, a soul.” ( Vincent Van Gogh) From the love for nature, and for what in nature is possible to be recovered and recycled, a new work of…

“INVISIBLE” – Alan Bianchi

“The foreigner arrived the first days of february, in a freezind day…, He was muffled from top to bottom …, The only visible thing was the shiny edge of his nose.” (from the book “The Invisible Man” by Herbert George Wells) A shape containing other…

“LOBSTER” (a lamp for the sea) – Alan Bianchi

A glass mason jar, alluminium net, iron wire, cotton lint , acrylic colour A tribute to the sea , to its colours and reflections (piece 1 of 5) Collection “A Lamp for the Sea”