“THE INTIMATE SURREALISM” – Peca Artista Plastica  By

“THE INTIMATE SURREALISM” – Peca Artista Plastica

Two eyes to see, one third eye to dream and transcend the reality.
Everywhere eyes to investigate the infinite around us; characters who let your imagination run wild, with whom you can travel in search of the unknown and the beauty of the unconscious.
The intense colors, full of emotions, fill suspended figures pondering on nature; bodies join the universe; new celestial bodies were born in a sky full of stars and planet spinning around.
It’s a magic adventure where men and animals live in harmony hiking over together meeting the unexpected.
Bodies see with many eyes, as many are the ways to observe the world.
Peca, give us a new story as a gift , a new chance to live her sensibility through her “no rules” of the oniric surrealism.