“THE BAROQUE DREAMER”- Boris Indrikov  By


He uses the earth colors, draws the outlines with movement; he works like as musician with his score  and the eco of ancient myths rings out among the weaves of his canvas.

His magic vision of things reflects its energy  in his shapes and through the mistery of which they are made of.

His female figures entice us like mermaids with their song and release our minds, leaving a wide space to  imagination.

Butterflies swell of wind and fishes swim towards unknown oceans; his painting is a travel into the past, searching  an accurate proof of concept; it is a a study dedicated to the decoration and to the recurring motif, like in tapestry or carpets drawings.

The artist likes to play with the tradition, the collection of bycicles hold his genius in revisiting other artists, people of the past and  gods interpreted in a particolar and funny way that captures our curiosity.

His artworks remind us the patient work of an artisan,of a polyedric author who succeded in giving movement and substance to his subjects.