“THE UNKNOWN OBSERVER ”- Carolina Saidenberg  By

“THE UNKNOWN OBSERVER ”- Carolina Saidenberg

Life flows into multicolored skies, through slight aerialists and porcelain faces of oriental women to join images of ancient legenda like the ones related to memaids.
Carolina draws and paints her Muses with love and passion, from the top od a cloud , disguised among birds’ flock, as she would like to hide her probing nature, thirsty of new emotions.
From up there the world can be different, the point of view changes, we rock ourselves thinking to fly; the dream is a way to depict life; in our dreams we become spectator for the others and for us; in the real life we are used to live as somebody unknown is keeping an eye on us and to get rido f this we need to take a shelter in wistful visions and the circus recalls are a clear example.
Her feature releases the fantasy and embrace us with shiny elegance

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