“A SOUL CAROUSEL” – Antonia Pia Bianchimani  By

“A SOUL CAROUSEL” – Antonia Pia Bianchimani

Ladies and knights, courtiers and courtisans , all togerther to celebrate an event, dressed up like fruits and vegetables, pose and have fun on the edge of elgant and delicate lines of colors.
These are the absolute protagonists of Antonia Pia Bianchimani’s artowrks, debuting artist in Contemporary Art since 2011 as creative ad surreal interpreter with her figurative intuition that strikes for its cheerful show of its characters.
Her paintings are the summary of many fairytales, the story of our childhood, a way to recover our memories once grown up and their new version in emotional taste.
Shapes are softly put on the canvas to caress them , almost suspended .
Fruits and vegetables have human features and like human beings have a soul and throught it they can experiment moments of life and strong passions.
“Anima Mundi” is the name of the current project to which the artist is still working; it contains the research for the meaning of life, the mixture of feelings and the ethereal symbolism that surrounds everything.
Her reality has always two points of view that she both depicts leaving a wide space to the viewr imagination. .