“ON THE ROAD, IN THE WORLD” – Morden Gore  By


What everyday happens in the world goes through so different ways; the net power as the art one grant a pure information, self-managed, a will expression that is inflexible in its aim of reporting horrors and the hidden side of a reality apparently far from us.
Morden Gore takes to the streets, the stage of his performance, to express through graffiti and painting his pacific rebellion.
His artworks are fragments of moving moments, they are faces imprinted on walls, on concrete remains, on a wooden pallet.
The main characters are men and women telling stories of their rioting countries, of their too much forgotten wars; they are the evidence of different worlds that meet together under the same common denominator of no violence concept.
Graffiti become absolute portraits, beyond the classic stereotype; glazes are powder-shrouded that outlines the forms; they are the image of respect, of hope, of melancholy, of the lost present.
Along this multiethnic navigation the viewer becomes a citizen of the world and a pacific activist thanks to the communication power of the artist.
Our planet is a melting pot of many worlds, of different roads that cross it and it is made of many lives that breath it .
A wall painting is color and power, it conveys passion and will; portraits are revealed intimacy in which those worlds and those roads reflect themselves.