“SEA AND EARTH” – Daniela Verduci  By

“SEA AND EARTH” – Daniela Verduci

“The Sea, itself has not even a home, and it belongs to all who want to listen to it, here and there, where he dies and rebirths ”.(Giovanni Verga)

The land of Sicily that smells of sea and earth; a sea that belongs to who can make it a poetry, to respect it, to people who tell it, free from borders, a place of dates and farewells; unique element and a life melting pot .
In Daniela Verduci artworks her land is a messenger of tradition and happiness; in her colours there is passion, in the images a deep-rooted love that smells good as home, as Trinacria, and “The two lovers”, both symbols of a strong sense of belongings and carnality.
Schools of fish crowd the canvas as a many parts of the sea, fish tanks without walls, sardine without cans.
While fishermans are far, the artist looks at her creatures, and remembering, she paints them free of swimming in her creative space where everything has order and elegance.