“THE WIDE SHOT PAINTING of Timothy Robert Smith”  By

“THE WIDE SHOT PAINTING of Timothy Robert Smith”

The city wakes up, things happen while we are busy in the unaware daily whirl.
Homes, streets, trains and subway wagons swallow us like food for sharks.
Under the shower the water cleans our numb bodies letting them feel to be alive; at dangerous crossroads rails and souls intersect, along the stressed race of what is going on.
Timothy Robert Smith is shooting his movie through a kaleidoscopic vision of the events, as if the space at his disposal were not enough to tell all is trying to describe.
His brush behaves like a movie camera that focuses and enlarges faces and city landscapes; a robotic drone that from the a high perspective broadcasts, with vivid colours as lashing wind, one day, that day in the exact moment in which it is present, past and future.
In the center of the paintings there is vanishing point, the origin of lines and movement, but also a place where the lack of balance makes his characters at the mercy of imminent changes.
Everything seems to spin around their bodies to come back then and meet under their feet, as if a geometric plan, where symmetry and disorder could coexist , finding together a fine meeting point.
The artist gives us a powerful and stunning microscope spitting image in which the viewer, also the careless one cannot avoid to be enraptured.