“ART AS A SEARCH FOR SOUL” – Fabrizio Ciuffatelli  By

“ART AS A SEARCH FOR SOUL” – Fabrizio Ciuffatelli

The art like an evolving and interior process where the search of our own idenity is the test of new techniques and an approach to the new, passing by the tradition.
The travel begins in a state of unawareness, although we have a route, a sudden storm can change the events and the life itself.
Outer influences forge new visions, and experiences are for Fabrizio Ciuffatelli the layers to overlap to his artworks, often the result of a wanted materic confusion and image breakdown.
The use of different media like photography, drawing and the classic painting is the starting point to recast his own creative inspiration through the digital art intrusion that set him free to express his need to break up , to enlighten and to color a simple ink spray.
Behind a fading process there is all the beauty of a while, his memories, his passion to explore, the search for a rarefied soul that is everywhere around.