“THE VOICE-OVER” – Timothy Jahn  By

“THE VOICE-OVER” – Timothy Jahn

“Every chapter of my life has taken my art work into new and interesting directions. The inspiration for my art comes from my life experiences”

These last, we would like to say, added to the original idea the narrative element; the artist paints to tell.
The representational art and the hiperrealism saw the growing bloom of artists dedicated to depict details and shades so closet o reality to make a painting very similar to a picture, sometime not noticeable at first sight.
In Timothy Jahn’s artworks the representation of things and human beings develops through two rails that go then to meet until an exchange point; the traveller, in this case the viewer, follows a path where he can recognized what surrounds him, but very soon he is diverted to another one , alternative but collateral to the first, where the obviuos mirror hides an intimate tale,the characters’ personal story, their conscience.
There is therefore a time to observe the surface and a time to go deeply and listen to the artist’s voice-over; a while to identify things, life and death.
Beginning like pupil Timothy followed with great frenzy his creative path to become during the years instructor and a point of reference for many young emerging artists.
For more details we invite you to visit the artist’s link at www.timothwjahn.com