“THE UNSUSTAINABLE CRASH”- Sandro Giordano (Remmidemmi)  By

“THE UNSUSTAINABLE CRASH”- Sandro Giordano (Remmidemmi)

“What happened to simplicity? We seem to be all on a stage and we feel all obliged to put on a show”(Charles Hank Bukowski)

Everyday we repeat the same actions, we use the things the others use, we dress to be recognized, omitting the luxury to be unique and not showing us for what we really are.
Being always in a hurry to get everywhere and nowhere we stumble in ourselves, bodies in free fall with the only certainty to have with them a status symbol to be kept no matter what.
Sandro Giordano’s characters tell each their own story, the objects they interact with are the details and the end has the weird aspect of an unuseful grief.
The metropolitan fighter is tired and gives up to the routine drama letting her fall in the vacuum; once “landed” she lays down in tragicomic poses that break the stress celebrating the concept of ridiculous as a way to underline the unsustainable crash.
Finally fragile and undefended, definetely unique even risking to lose their face.
Giordano’s artwork makes part of the photographic project “IN EXTREMIS ( bodies with no regret) born in Spain in 2013.