“ COLOURS RELOADED” – Paolo Amoretti  By

“ COLOURS RELOADED” – Paolo Amoretti

“Sometimes words are not enough. And than colours are necessary. And the shapes, and the notes and the emotions, too.”( A. Baricco )

The power is in the energy merging into the firm brush strokes, among the lines of ghost faces belonging to this life that steals moments and thoughts so quickly
Paolo Amoretti’s story flows through a river of colours, a symbol of passion and motion; they are by their side his fuel for his artworks , a storm embodiment, a run , a far comet, simply the emotions.
It is difficult to imagine the same in black and white; in his works a constant unrest quivers as his need to fill up flat happenings with strong dyes; a process where the creative chatarsis occurs in a crowded turn of images that are a compromise between figurative and abstract, shape and thinking, dreams and words.