“Nostalgic findings” – Catrin Welz-Stein  By

“Nostalgic findings” – Catrin Welz-Stein

“When you feel nostalgic it doesn’t mean you are missing something. It means people and places presence, emotions that come back to visit you.” (Erri De Luca)

In the digital art scene Catrin Welz-Stein’s artworks are like diary pages; they have the colour of an ancient time, they talk through the use of assembled images where collage and cutting techniques emphasize a vintage taste that the artist put close to surreal visions, beyon the time we know, in a smart and fantastic way.
Nature is the protagonist everywhere, and the places, as the young girls,animals, flowers and plants are they themselves a nostalgic emotion where our ego can be rocked.
The dandelion, with its soft and inescapable destiny to be scattered in the air, has got a stem to grasp and fly, reach the sky and then vanish.
It is a flower to play with and dreaming of; a symbol of fragility, the beginning and the end of a travel.
Branches are hair, whiskers for gentlemen; leaves and flowers garnish bodies and clothes, inside and outside.
A capable melting of ingredients rich of ancient flavors, a container where the music of the heart and the scent of nature amplify passion and shyness.
On faces there is a peaceful nostalgia that makes them dreaming and never sad, because memories don’t always mean that something is missing.
An then the sea, rough or calm like the lake water and after the sky another place to find out new emotions.
But nature doesn’t appear only in his bucolic aspect and the artist reveals it creating images where machinery and factories are a danger, an inevitabile pollution.
A strong dichotomy that it is also a reason to feel more nostalgic.