“MY TRAVEL JOURNALS” – Gediminas Pranckevičius (aka) GedoMenas  By

“MY TRAVEL JOURNALS” – Gediminas Pranckevičius (aka) GedoMenas

“At the beginning it was fairy tale. And i twill be forever” (Paul Valery)

A solitary traveller is at the mercy of the wind, in the sky as in the sea he let him get carried away looking for new worlds.
GedoMenas is an explorer artist, an aesthete of time, a baby astronaut playing with fairy tales watching them from his far planet.
During his digital travels he mets trolls, human beings and weird characters landing to suspended islands made of soil and water, where unlikely landscape architectures juxtapose to nature.
In his artworks there is a man with his dreams, his sense of loneliness and smallness in front of the universe, his need to escape; and then the night, cosmic and arcane when many things happen.
The digital painter is the artist who works on his canvas using a laser gun full of coloured marbles or maybe candies, he is the spying eye on the tenderness of old acrobats on the roofs, he is a face without a face, he is a pest little devil.
Gediminas Pranckevičius is a modern poet on the way to Earth, ready tot o leave again at his next awakening.
Three things make him a teller: the travel, the dream and his love for legends