“The Running Thought” – Mike Worrall  By

“The Running Thought” – Mike Worrall

“Water talks without taking a break but it never repeats itself” ( Octavio Paz)

The mind doesn’t know a break, it develops images and thoughts also during the sleep like a relentless river flow.
An idea, a game, a waterfall of emotions and behind them the mystery fascination, the absence of an explanation, supposing instead of being certain, the freedom to imagine.
Art doesn’t need to explain something; it is a guide for our soul, a passion that steals the outlines to reality to build inside different stories.
In Mike Worrall’s artworks water flows and runs bringing along its deeper thoughts; it is the equivalent of change and confusion; it is stable like the the one in the mother womb, it is pure energy when in movement, but it is also an obstacle to our capacity of facing our fears; it is an element full of meanings, source of surreal images through which the artist likes to describe the unconscious.
Worrall’s female figures are actresses on a stage, modern heroine, playing young ladies, bored ladies looking for thrills and at the mercy of obscure unexpected events.
The wood,a garden, a maze, a house, a shop window, an empty road;… the landscape changes but the unsaid remains, as the unclear whisper of souls in movement.