“A family enchantment” – Antoinette Kelly  By

“A family enchantment” – Antoinette Kelly

“If the sight of a blu sky elates you, if simple things of nature have a message you can understand, be happy,because your soul is alive.” (Eleonora Duse)

Sumnmertime, night walkings, pirouettes and masquerades, gardens and woods, rabbits out of a hat.
Childhood memories that come alive on enchanted canvas like the ladscapes and the told stories.
Antoinette Kelly paints her wonderland, her emotions and her dreams, mankind in his simplicity and his way of being sometimes funny and ridiculous.
Life is a game,is a performance, surprise and enchantment.
Children seat enraptured in front of a puppet theatre, some other are doing cartwheel in the park; a young lady is having a walk with her dog at night with the moonlight; on a lake shore a party is beginning.
And all around trees stand and watch the souls brighting up.