“It was a tree” – Alan Bianchi  By

“It was a tree” – Alan Bianchi

“I see everywhere in the nature, in the trees for example, expressive ability, and , as it were, a soul.” ( Vincent Van Gogh)

From the love for nature, and for what in nature is possible to be recovered and recycled, a new work of assemblage by Alan Bianchi is born.
Wood is for the artist a material to love and respect; a workmate to get teaching; wood keeps telling something about him in space and time, its smell changes when the hands are on working it, its colour is alive as much as the emotions it gives, while it is becoming an object or simply it performs, like in this case, the role of the tree it has been.
The trunk and the branches have their new seat, put together and “resewed”.
It was a tree, today it is an homage to Christmas, tomorrow an evergreen soul.

Structure made of recycled Thuja wood

H: 90 in. – L. max 43 in.