The magic cutlery – Tonino Calotta (Toniart66)  By

The magic cutlery – Tonino Calotta (Toniart66)

“No. Not my dreams! Don’t think I will give up now that I got just here! Be my dreams like straw consumed by fire. No! My dreams will fly high in the sky, be sure of it.” And in that moment it seemed the smoke, slowly, turned into the feature of a big city.(Roberto Pagnanelli)

Pendants, bracelets, rings; spoon, teaspoon and forks;iron, stones and a little hammer.
Tonino’s itinerant “shop” travels through Rome’s together with his the passion and sensibility.
Everyday, seated in the shade of a monument, in the lanes and little squares of a crazy metropolis, he is so good in cutting a corner of fantasy to create his uncommom jewels.
Magic is in improvisation and imagination, in the dreams and in the shape of the objects, never the same, unique pieces which contains, besides the soul of the artist, also the original idea inspired by freedom and love for the little things.
As a great observer, he is able to catch the details where he stows his strenght and style.
He turns cutlery into jewels, with patience, without running after time, with no hurry, because he gladly prefers to leave it to the others.
Changing the usual in someting else means not only to recycle an object but in this case is also to tune an old musical instrument to make it palying once again.
If youn wear his jewels you can vibrate with them and with their energy; it is the substance that renews, and our soul can only rejoice of it.