Evanescence – Michael Carson  By

Evanescence – Michael Carson

The beauty of the body and the human face fades forever in our lives, but their evanescence gives them a new charm (Sigmund Freud)

In Michael Carson’s artworks beauty is fleeing, his women appear and disappear on canvas like evanescent smoke.
There is no time, nor words trace on faces, neither wrinkles on hands, these are the parts preferred by the artist, where he concentrates his attention, because “they tell the story”, he said. Each work is a story that gets older and renews through a painting face-off between misty atmospheres and sharp brush strokes.
There are evident references to elements of fashion and architecture with which the artist contextualizes the moment, without identifying a particular period, or just letting the public to its free interpretation.
A beach, a bar, the rooms of a hotel, a waiting room; everywhere and without a precise trace.
Bored models, female presences among faded castings that remind tears of mascara.
Bodies get and leave from the canvas like sleepy muses, beauty seems to vanish but later comes back and so forever.