La fiaba di Sant’Angelo  By

La fiaba di Sant’Angelo

If you have to build a ship, do not gather men to gather wood and distribute tasks, but teach the nostalgia of the infinite sea”(Antoine de Saint – Exupéry)

Transforming a place enhancing what already exists, the respect and love for traditions, the will to involve a community and what revolves around, the strenght of ideas and the certainty that “coming back” is better than leaving; these are the basis of the artistic project promoted by Associazione Culturale Arte e Spettacolo (ACAS) and its president Gianluca Chiovelli.
Fairy tales have the task to show reality thanks to their didactic and iconographic capability; artists have a great chance to face imaginary themes that are always hanging in balance between fantasy and reality.
Sant’Angelo is a little village near Viterbo, in the centre of Italy, one hour by car far from Rome, a surprise to be discovered in the silence of mothernature; the ideal place to talk about fairy tales, and right here on the 27th of november the roman artist Tina Loiodice rolled out the project with her work “ Children discover Alice fairy tale”.
The title refers to the action of the children of Sant’angelo painted while removing the cloth that hides symbols and characters of the Lewis Carroll’s tale, a way, this one, to unveil the dreamlike dimension and reverse it into the real world.
Tina, with her natural perception got from the beginning the magical soul of the iniziative together with the enthusiastic support of the inhabitants of Sant’Angelo.
“Fairy tales do not say to children that dragons exist. Because children aready know it. Fairy tales say to children that dragons can be defeated”, and so also the english writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton chose children as explorers of myths and warriors of dreams, because fairy tales have their own ethics that teaches how to approach life and how to experiment the unknown so to make it less frightful as it seems to be.
Since the beginning, the community of Sant’Angelo embraced the project and began ambassadors of a coral message that wants to change what they have through the power of art and beauty.
This fairy tale has just started and we are looking forward to discovering new stories around the corner.