“In disguise” – Lou Patrou  By

“In disguise” – Lou Patrou

“I don’t know where the artificial stops and the real starts” (Andy Warhol)

Artificial reality, games of the mind, imaginary visions. Surreal world meets pop art; real characters or masks? In Lou Patrou’s space kailedoscopic presence gravitate around, strips of faces, guests from another universe.
On the setting of black skies and chromatic weaving the artist draws faces and animals, joining them through his own personal symbolism; images reminds to the circus iconography and the sparkling eccentricity of the 1970’s.
Lucy, Hank, Sylvie, Ricky, are only some of the characters created by the obsessive fantasy of Lou in searching new forms and decorative theme to juxtapose to somatic traits.
His works have a strong emotional imprint, close to the strenght of colours and the hazard he puts in breaking up and recreate absdtract ideas and absolute geometry.
Also the serial repetition of motifs and figures contributes to easily identify his style and his study.
His artworks have a inner playful impact, but, as all masks, hide someting else; any of us is one of his faces, some for fun, some scared to be revelead, some others just to be somebody else.
The important thing is is letting be fascinated by his visions.