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Spazio 40 Art Gallery in Rome, in partnership with ProGetti Smarriti and EPM Edilpiemme, proudly presents “Ingorghi”, a Raffele Saccà solo exhibition taking place from October 26th until October 28th, the grand opening will be Friday 26th at 7.00 pm

The exhibition has been organized with the support of Municipio Roma I as part of the IV edition of RAW – RomeArtWeek, the annual event of contemporary art.
(22nd – 27th October)

The exhibition’s preface has been curated by Simona Albani, President of the Cultural Association ProGetti Smarriti.

In 1977 James Taylor was as “parked” on the freeway on his way home, stuck in a traffic jam, thinking about his dinner that was waiting for him at home, getting cold; he was singing almost to repel those gazes in the rear-view mirrors of the others that were stuck with him.

Forty years later, shreds of conversations are bouncing back from the cars of Raffaele Saccà, a sense of inconvenience, being prisoners in those luxury cages, iron wrecks: signs of a mankind lost in the traffic chaos, being under the illusion that a container could make the difference. Men in a line waiting to move, to be freed from an unsettling and claustrophobic condition.

Cars, trucks from different eras and places; like toy-cars becoming art in a form of protest against that violence which is common to all of us, which cause that strong empathy.

Saccà’s expressive paradigm is built on a maze of traffic jams; his work is a symbols of the “homologation”, where colours are a standardising element, together with his obsessive patterns where roads, crossings and city circuits are sharply defined

To break that monochromatic and repetitive theme caged into a relentless loop, the Artist adds a disturbance element, it’s a car that stands out from the others, as trying to escape from those “Chaplin like” mechanisms.
The eye is captured by this detail, it’s a highlighted dissonance. That clashing note is a person stuck in traffic, the one who feels like the victim and not the executioner, but that in the real life is unconsciously both.

In the Artist’s visions the speed is stuck in a freeze-frame; as is our life at the mercy of the daily chaos, it jumps, jerks and chomps, bottled up lost in its’ own thoughts. This stillness finds a way out through new mental spaces where new readings and interpretations are possible, such as the compulsive impulse to possess, where a car is the most representative symbol.

Traffic compares to life, we have a chance to reflect, some time to invent an escape plan.

Japan – Thousand years of dreams

A travel need passion, the traveller must have an open soul, a listening heart and eyes wide opened. Landscape is many things, it is fascination and deceit. The story of a country is in symbols that remind it and make it unique. Nature is the flowing lymph, the emotion that moves colours and light memory.
Gerardo Marazzi’s evoking travel is all these things together; his works are stratified tales where the early image, the one that moves the observer, contains, between the visible and the invisible, a different meaning, its contrary, or a continuation, just a different explanation.
Bamboo, that for chinese people means long life and for indian friendship and brotherhood, becomes on his canvas a sort of recurring and “invasive”dichotomy, just like the plant in itself; if you look at that bamboo you will see the colours of nature but also the grey of the iron; the trunks, from another point of view, seem to be a metal barrier, similar to spears ready for a battle.
You need to observe without stopping at the first message, to investigate, letting us carried away, to look beyond.
The red sun accompanies a dance of dragonflies at sunset, it is a ball of fire over the stoned forest, the strenght of a rebirth, the light in the uncertainty; the strenght of the sea is in its big wave that is also a storm; a beating of wings shakes the canvas, maybe a butterfly; a flight of birds on the river while everything can happen; these are only some of the stories painted on a setting of a time suspended among memories and the collective imagination through wich the artist talk to his public; his past, since the beginning, interacts with it tank to the power of colours and the voice-over of the the brush strokes.
His works are a constant recall to memory, an homage to the traditions, to symbols and to deep of emotions.


A Contemporary Collettive Exhibition where artists are called to create small size works (10x10cm); no limits to imagination, nor to materials and media
The Exhibition is at its third edition and it is dedicated to Rome and its last birthday where she became 2770 years old!
Works will be shown until the 19th of June at Spazio40 Galleria d’arte in Trastevere; in July a selection of them will be at EdilPiemme atelier in Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro.


Complete version of the video “Cuore” by Alan Bianchi (aka) BeeAnKee from the creation till the donation to Rebibbia Prison , female wing.
Press Conference, reading and music – free entrance 28th, January 2017


“You are my enemy and… I built a heart for you” by Alan Bianchi (aka ) BeeAnkee
from Macro Testaccio Contemporary Art Space “The Factory” to Rebibbia Prison ; a travel to donate a heart to the women detained – Rome , Italy

Castel Gandolfo Street Festival

Castel Gandolfo Street Festival is a project by Arte e Città a Colori in cooperation with Progetti Smarriti
The event will take place thanks to the active support of Municipality of Castel Gandolfo and the numerous local associations who endorsed the initiative.
Art Direction by Alan Bianchi
Communication by Simona Albani
Alessandra Carloni
Kristina Milakovic
Tina Loiodice
Morden Gore
Danilo Pistone – Neve
Mauro Sgarbi
see you on December 2016 fm 11th to 18th in Castel Gandolfo – Terminal Bus Area

Formae Mentis

Formae Mentis
A journey through shape and matter

Opening Saturday 21 February 2015 – 18:30
Until 27 February 2015

Growing from an idea of Simona Albani, founder of ProGetti Smarriti, A journey through shape and matter is a platform that shares art from all over the world, bringing together three artists together in an exhibition that combines a variety of color, form, material and techniques.
ProGetti Smarriti was conceived at the beginning of 2014 from the passion of Simona for art, new trends and fresh and innovative expressive skills. The website creation was an exciting challenge, which had to happen because of demand and continuous expansion.
ProGetti Smarriti is characterized by a great mixture of art, techniques, thoughts and colors; bringing together a group of selected creative artists united by their ability to communicate worldwide.
The choice of a collective exhibition as first event is bold, and fits with the philosophy of the site. Three selected artists, working different techniques, will coexist in the same space for the first time, creating an ongoing dialogue between their various means of expression.
Alan Bianchi creates light sculptures using an impressive diversity of materials. Light becomes part of the installation and the creative process. Fabrizio Giusti studies color and shape through vibrant images that break the geometry of the canvas. Sara Guillaume explores matter and challenges the two-dimensionality of the canvas, transforming it into a plastic element in close dialogue with the pictorial.
This exhibition is the first of a series of events that will be developed according to the ProGetti Smarriti principles: to create a community of creative people in relation to each other and offer to its users the vast and various panorama available.
Alan Bianchi was born in 1971; he began very early to explore oil paint, acrylic, and sculpture. Over the years he got closer to theatre and became an actor, director and scenographer, activities that enable a continuous experimentation and exploration of media and artistic techniques that deeply inform his expressive identity. He uses multiple materials including iron, wood, cloth and of recycled materials. Alan lives and works in Rome.
Fabrizio Giusti was born in 1967. After starting as a child with drawing, he got into to painting which became his channel of expression, using different materials including oil, enamel, acrylic and industrial paints. His major exhibitions include: Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan, Ca dei Carraresi in Treviso, and Caelum Gallery and Art 29 space, both in New York. Fabrizio lives and works in Bologna.
Sara Guillaume was born in 1979. Since a young age she has explored and experimented with different techniques, ranging from from oil painting to mosaic, encaustic to modeled clay and various resins. She is currently exploring the use of acrylic and resin – mediums which she prefers. Her major exhibitions include Academy opened in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Sara lives and works in Rome.
The exhibition will be at “Corte”, Piazza Dante 3, until February 27, 2015.
Monday to Friday: 9:30–13.00 and 14:00–19:30 and Sundays 16:00–20:00

ProGetti Smarriti
FB: progetti smarriti
Twitter: @PSmarriti

Press – Martina Cicogna