“In disguise” – Lou Patrou

“I don’t know where the artificial stops and the real starts” (Andy Warhol) Artificial reality, games of the mind, imaginary visions. Surreal world meets pop art; real characters or masks? In Lou Patrou’s space kailedoscopic presence gravitate around, strips of faces, guests from another universe….

METONIMIA – Mirella Nania

“Reality can’t tolerate too much imagination” (John Lennon)” Through the use of different media and the images overlapping Mirella Nania replaces, as we do with words, a concept with another, moving its meaning and making it interchangeable. What we see as surreal is in reality…

IN EXTREMIS – Christer Karlstad

“There is a solitude of space, a solitude of sea, a solitude of death, but these Society shall be. Comapred with that profounder site. That polar privacy A Soul admitted to Itself Finite Infinity”. (Emily Dickinson) The atmosphere is rarefied, the landscape is nature in…