“In disguise” – Lou Patrou

“I don’t know where the artificial stops and the real starts” (Andy Warhol) Artificial reality, games of the mind, imaginary visions. Surreal world meets pop art; real characters or masks? In Lou Patrou’s space kailedoscopic presence gravitate around, strips of faces, guests from another universe….

Echoes – Olga Zelinskaya

“Echo is often more beautiful than the voice it repeats” (Oscar Wilde) Colours of the earth, of the sea and the sky make these women like a painting kaleidoskope. Figures as archetype of myths and legends; whispered echoes from the past that come back to…


In the digital world everything can be changed and flipped over; image manipulation finds through Chris Bennett’s photography a strong fellow, a fantasy maker ready to write hilarious stories where animals play to be something else . Elephants fly and cows are suspended; giraffes become…