“BABEL” – Alan Bianchi (aka BeeAnKee)

It’s the idea of a shape stretching to the top, a spiral spinning on itself, joined in its movemnt to a wire cloth that like an armor supports and protects it . Babel is the wounded body of a warrior, his scars are the innumerabile…

“Bottle Lamp” – Alan Bianchi

5 lt.Glass bottle with bended copper wire as stay for the internal pipe in recycled copper; iron and copper lampshade. Electric cable upholstered with stranded canvas and equipped with luminous intensity regulator. H: 17In – L. max 7In.

“THEATRE LAMP” – Alan Bianchi

Old theatre spot light with its mechanism completely restored . Adapted for interior lighting, treated with rust preventer converter ; built on recycled solid wood framework. Working original switch on the lamp and double switch on the cable.