“It was a tree” – Alan Bianchi

“I see everywhere in the nature, in the trees for example, expressive ability, and , as it were, a soul.” ( Vincent Van Gogh) From the love for nature, and for what in nature is possible to be recovered and recycled, a new work of…

“THE NAKED GREED” – Ayhan Mutlu

Even a stone surrenders to the growing man’s ambition to change at any cost and at the lowest cost, according to the idea of a crushing and uncontrolled exploitation, son of consumerism and business affairs, enemy of nature and hidden partner of an illusiory wellness….


Little pot fragments collected during different daytrips in the Roman surroundings and then guarded on a tin box, are the row material used by Alan Bianchi to compose his artwork. He quotes: “Showing my little trasure to a friend of mine and spreading the fragments…